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Warne Marsh February 1959 Session B

Main Session Personnel
alto saxophone
tenor saxophone
# Tracks Playtime Issue Variance from Main Session Personnel
1 It's You or No One 7:50
2 How About You? 6:29
3 Scrapple from the Apple 5:09
4 You Stepped Out of a Dream 7:53
5 317 E. 32nd Street 8:31
6 April 10:26
7 It's You or No One (alt. take) 6:57
8 Yesterdays 5:25 Warne Marsh (omit)
9 Baby, Baby All the Time 7:04
10 Lennie-Bird 8:33
11 Subconscious-Lee 9:51
12 Two Not One 7:46
13 Back Home 7:53 Bill Evans (piano)
14 Half Nelson 8:15 Bill Evans (piano)
15 The Song is You 10;30
16 Lover Man 4:35 Warne Marsh (omit)
17 Yardbird Suite 9:32 Bill Evans (piano)
18 Will You Still Be Mine? 6:37 (piano), (omit)
19 Pennies in Minor 6:23
20 'Round Midnight 5:00
test issue
Catalog #: N/A
21 Fishin' Around 7:04 Bill Evans (piano)
genre: Cool jazz
Recording Date: 
1959 - 1959
Warne Marsh
alto saxophone
tenor saxophone
Lee Konitz
Warne Marsh
Jimmy Garrison
Paul Motian
Ensemble Size: 
Venue Type: 
live performance
Venue Name: 
Half Note
Venue Location: 
New York, NY
Recording company
Session Engineer: 
Peter Ind
Session Details: 

There is an implication that this session reflected the one that was played on February 24th.

There does not appear to be any consensus as to which tracks were recorded on which of the two live sessions at Half Note. Lordisco and Jazzdiscog don't even list the exact dates, and Warne Marsh's discography at warnemarsh.info claims it is unknown which tracks were recorded on which date. However, warnmarsh.info estimates which tracks played on which date (February 17th and February 24th) when Bill Evans filled in for Lennie Tristano.

warnemarsh.info also makes the claim, neither confirmed nor contradicted by lordisco or bruyninckx, that bill evans actually sat out on some tracks. That has been reflected here.

See his notes below:


From www.warnemarsh.info: The following 42 tracks were recorded by Peter Ind on the two Tuesday nights of a two week engagement when Bill Evans replaced Lennie Tristano who had commitments to teach. In the early 70's, Connie Crothers made an edited tape (with Marsh's solos only) at the request of Lennie Tristano who wanted a solo tape of Warne's playing from that date.  Warne Marsh ultimately gave a copy of this tape to Bill Hardy of Revelation Records and the tracks were issued on LP's, i.e. 20 excerpts on Revelation 22 (issued 1974) and 14 on Revelation 27 (issued 1977) under the title “Warne Marsh: The Art Of Improvising”. In 1994 Verve issued 12 complete tracks on the 2 CD set "Lee Konitz Live at the Half Note" - Verve 521 659-2. However, all of the original tracks have circulated amongst collectors for some time in a condition which required editing. This has now been done. Since we have no knowledge of the dating or sequence of each track between the two sessions, we have divided all tracks into two parts (21 tracks - 3 sets? - per evening). Two titles were recorded three times. We assume one version was played as a daily sound check (listed as track 1 below).
In early September 2004 my co-worker in Holland, Joop van der Leij, consulted guitarist/arranger Axel Hagen to analyse the origin of the Revelation excerpts. These results are included in the following summaries (22 and 27 indicating the two LP’s - Revelation 22 and 27).


Excerpts on Revelation 22 (side one: 1-10 / side two 11-20).
(with indication of track source )

1 Palo Alto (as 'Strike Up The Band') Verve (A)-1 2:30
2 It's You Or No One Verve (B)-2 2:10
3 Subconscious-Lee Verve (B)-6 1:37
4 You Stepped Out Of A Dream (add LK) Verve (A)-5 2:22
5 Scrapple From The Apple Verve (A)-4 2:18
6 I'll Remember April Verve (B)-1 1:36
7 Indiana PCD (D)-5 1:55
8 Lunar Elevation (Lennie Bird) PCD (A)-8 2:26
9 A Song For You (The Song Is You) PCD (A)-9 2:11
10 How About You? PCD (B)-4 1:55
11 Scrapple From The Apple (add LK) PCD (B)-5 2:00
12 Baby, Baby, All The Time (as 'Blues') PCD (A)-7 1:20
13 I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me PCD (A)-1 2:21
14 It's You Or No One PCD (C)-5 1:10
15 Half Nelson (mistitled 'Indian Summer')(add LK) PCD (D)-1 2:00
16 It's You Or No One (add LK) PCD (C)-5 1:10
17 You Stepped Out Of A Dream -2 PCD (A)-6 2:05
18 April, I'll Remember (I’ll Remember April)(add LK) PCD (A)-3 2:30
19 Indiana PCD (A)-4 2:40
20 Half Nelson PCD (A)-5 2:49

Excepts on Revelation 27 (side one: 1-7 / side two 8-14).
(with indication of track source)

1 Melancholy Baby (mistitled 'Sweet Georgia Brown') Verve (A)-3 2:02
2 317 E 32nd (titled Out Of Nowhere) Verve (A)-6 2:49
3 Fishin' Around PCD (D)-6 1:56
4 Tangerine PCD (B)-1 2:22
5 Pennies In Minor (mistitled ‘Lennie's Pennies’) PCD (C)-6 2:18
6 Yardbird Suite PCD (B)-6 1:50
7 Will You Still Be Mine PCD (B)-10 1:57
8 What Is This Thing Called Love PCD (B)-7 2:10
9 317 E 32nd (titled Out Of Nowhere) PCD (B)-8 1:55
10 You Stepped Out Of A Dream PCD (C)-3 2:45
11 Background Music ('?' on sleeve) PCD (B)-9 1:55
12 Yardbird Suite ('?' on sleeve) PCD (D)-3 1:58
13 It's You Or No One (mistitled ‘Lennie's Pennies’) not yet found* 2:00
14 Pennies In Minor ('?' on sleeve) PCD (C)-2 1:10

*Note: Excerpt 13 could not be related to one of the complete tracks from these two dates.

http://www.warnemarsh.info/discography_2.htm, allmusic, lordisco, bruyninckx