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Dizzy Gillespie December 1980

Main Session Personnel
Dizzy GillespieJew's harp
# Tracks Playtime Issue Variance from Main Session Personnel
1 Jew's Harp 0:00
Content State: draft
genre: bop
Recording Date: 
1980-12 - 1980-12
Label Name: 
Black Hawk
Dizzy Gillespie
Jew's harp
Dizzy Gillespie
Ensemble Size: 
Venue Type: 
live performance
Venue Name: 
Yale University
Venue Location: 
New Haven, Connecticut
Session Details: 

I am not entirely convinced that Dizzy played a solo concert for Yale University, performing only on the Jew's Harp, and playing a song entitled "Jew's Harp". He played a bunch of trio concerts with Dwike Mitchell and Willie Ruff at Yale, so I wonder if this was one of those times, and for some reason the other two performers were simply not mentioned. -JS

Tom Lord