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Billie Holiday May 30, 1956

Main Session Personnel
# Tracks Playtime Issue Variance from Main Session Personnel
1 Israel 2:18
2 Misery 4:40
3 I Must Have That Man 6:29
4 Strange Fruit 5:48
5 God Bless the Child 3:15
6 God Bless the Child 1:08
7 God Bless the Child 3:34
8 One Never Knows, Does One? 2:07
9 Beer Barrel Polka 1:19
10 Some of These Days 1:03
11 A Yiddishe Momme 0:39
12 A Yiddishe Momme 2:16
13 Lady's Back In Town 2:36
14 One Never Knows, Does One? 2:39
Content State: draft
genre: Vocal jazz
Recording Date: 
Label Name: 
Billie Holiday
Tony Scott
Billie Holiday
Ensemble Size: 
Venue Type: 
live performance
Venue Name: 
William and Maely Duffy's Home
Venue Location: 
New York, New York
Session Details: 

This was a recorded rehearsal. Tony Scott is listed as piano, and we must assume this is the Tony Scott Holiday was playing with a lot during this time, even though his principal instrument was clarinet.

Once again, the number of alternate takes varies between Lord and Varela. Lord--who lists more tracks than Varela--has very confusion notation, so we are not using it. That is, when he lists, 'Discussion; God Bless the Child', does that mean the song 'God Bless the Child' is discussed? Or that there is talking that leads into the song? Is it a false start? Incomplete? If someone can clarify why he lists more recordings, that would be helpful, but for now we will go with Varela's list of songs. 

Alberto Varela's Billie Holiday Discography; Tom Lord (lordisco.com)