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A "Track" is a single performance recorded at a session with a definite track time.

Since tracks are imported from session to issue content types, a track is also the name for recorded selections that appear on an issue. The name, and all of the information for that Track, are the same when it was recorded as when it is issued (with one exception noted immediately below). The full personnel for each recorded track is imported into and displayed in the Track listing for an Issue on which it appears.

The name we give to the track is the one designated at the time of the session by the label, the performers, or the composer. This may vary from the actual “song” title, as often happens in practice for many reasons (incorrect spelling, medleys, alternate titles for the same composition). Consider the track as the name used in a specific performance on a single recorded track, and the song as the underlying composition (whose name will appear the same in every performance). Track name is therefore free text, which maintainers enter manually--but a song must be created in the J-DISC system first before it may be associated with a track by maintainers.