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A recording session.

A principle of jazz discographic practice, which J-DISC follows, is that the primary source of information about a recording should be where, when and by whom it was produced—at the point of musical creation. It generally has a definite leader or leaders and a single date. The session title is comprised of the leader name and date. This name is entered as free text: there are also regulated leader and date fields for the sake of accuracy and search functions.

Following are some slight exceptions we try to accommodate: A single session might take place over several very close dates, or several different locations in a performing tour whose dates are close. “Session” should not be confused with “Issue,” which may, or may not, contain all of the contents of a given session, and which requires a different set of metadata related to post-production and distribution of the recordings. 

At times, there is no definite leader (either person or ensemble name). We therefore list the musicians alphabetically, ending at five.