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Main Sources

No information in this database is guaranteed to be accurate at the present time. We can, however, cite our sources, pending better information that may become available.

In the first load of very tentative test data, I have used these sources, in descending order:

On-hand LPs and CDs: Issue and some session information.

jazzdiscography.com: considered authoritative, where artist information is available.

Michel Ruppli label guides: considered authoritative, where artist information is available.

Lord "The Jazz Discography". One of two "comprehensive" discographies. Use where information is not available elsewhere. Available online as a library resource (CU users only), or as a CD-ROM. Many issues of accuracy and originality.

Bruyninckx "90 Years of Recorded Jazz": Like Lord, use for information not available in other discographies. RTF format, and thus not searchable except by leader, alphabetical. CD-ROM available through the library.

All Music Guide: Birthdates, birthplaces, region of origin, song composers, certain discographical information. Reasonably accurate. Available at http://www.allmusic.com/explore/genre/jazz-d196.

Jazz.com Encyclopedia: biographical information, where All Music Guide does not provide it. Limited selection of artists. Available at http://www.jazz.com/encyclopedia

Wikipedia: same as immediately above, where AMG is lacking. Only as last resort. Must be double checked.

Google "Image" Search: can be used to view information on playback carrier sleeve or casing. Occasionally the back cover will be reproduced as well, giving virtually "on-hand" information. Useful for foreign or obscure US artists.

WordCat: Contains information libraries are liable to catalogue. Includes recorded song composers, track times, production info such as producer, recording location, release date. Available through most library systems.


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