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Horace Tapscott finding aid

For people looking for a very thorough listing of Horace Tapscott musical materials should consult "The Finding Aid for the Horace Tapscott Jazz Collection 1960-2002," developed by the Online Archive of California, which can be accessed here.  It contains music compositions, manuscripts, and arrangements.

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How does this compare with standard discographic sources on Tapscott sessions, where available, in terms of accuracy?

I was able to get the first name of composer Carmel Crunk. He is only listed as C. Crunk on The Tapscott Session Vol. 2. Carmel Crunk wrote the tune "Many Nights Ago." And this collection lists many unreleased sound recordings Tapscott made with The Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra." I have not checked it for accuracy against the current discographies of Tapscott. I just used it for clarity on personnel.