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Herb Geller

My discography of saxophonist Herb Geller is available in 3 parts at: http://www.attictoys.com/jazz/HG_intro.html

This could be used as a source of data to be entered into J-DISC. It includes famous sessions by Clifford Brown, Dinah Washington, Ella Fitzgerald, Shorty Rogers, Chet Baker, Bill Holman, Maynard Ferguson and many others. The third part covers his European years starting in 1962 and includes many sessions with the NDR Bigband and Peter Herbolzheimer. Geller worked at NDR for 28 years.

Part 1: Sessions as Leader, Co-leader or Guest Artist - http://www.attictoys.com/jazz/HG.html

Part 2: Sessions as Sideman 1949-1961 - http://www.attictoys.com/jazz/HG_sm49-61.html

Part 3: Sessions as Sideman 1962-Present - http://www.attictoys.com/jazz/HG_sm62-present.html

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Thanks, Noal. For the unitiated, NDR means Norddeutscher Rundfunk (North German Broadcasting). The NDR jazz workshop seems to have sponsored many concerts with US and international jazz musicians. There are numerous recordings that should be a concern to discography; there is material not in Lord. A quick Google search was not that enlightening, however.

I myself am uninitiated, in fact, and only became familiar with it through your (Noal Cohen's) work on Lucky Thompson. It's a subject worth pursuing in English--or if anyone knows such a source, let me know.


I was able to get information from the NDR archives through people working there or people in Germany who knew NDR employees. The network recorded and broadcast numerous sessions from their Hamburg studios, the most interesting being a series of NDR Jazz Workshops which featured original writing and the cream of European and American musicians. This material should be made available for commercial download in the same way that INA (National Audiovisual Institute) in France is doing with their extensive archival collection.