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Chet Baker Sources (chetbaker.net)

I'm not sure why this is, but compared to other artists, I have need to use a very large number of sources to compile Baker's oeuvre. This is generally not necessarily because our main source, chetbaker.net, is incorrect just that it is incomplete, as are the others. One site with have the complete session tracks, but no composer info or track times. I cross reference which issues came out of which sessions by using jazzdisco.org and comparing it to issues listed on chetbakertribute.com, freshsoundsrecordings.com and allmusic.com. Then from the latter three sites, I can generally compile an accurate account of track times and composer info.

In some cases, chetbaker.net IS incorrect in comparison to various other sites. Because the site does not have a clear author, we've found it difficult to figure out why, in these rare instance, they have a completely different date for a particular session. If anyone has any insight into this, please comment. The most recent and glaring example is the February 11, 1958 session (in chetbaker.net) which is listed as occuring on December 11 & 17, 1957 by jazzdiscography, chetbakertribute.com, Henry Grimes' own discographical site, and a hard copy of the complete Mulligan/Baker Pacific Jazz Records sessions (on hand at CJS).


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